Monday, August 14, 2006

About the van...

I know. I know. "A fifteen passenger van!?" That's beyond bad mileage -- that's the pot calling the kettle wastefull! And what's worse, I live across the street from where I work. I use it because it's also my maintenance vehicle, and that's one of the hats I wear. It was available and cheap when we needed to replace the Volvo. I'm fixing up my buddy's old Honda Custom 900, and will switch to that, I promise, for short solo hauls, if it makes you feel better, but you should know, just before we got married we passed a motorcycle fatality that had occurred half a mile up the road here on 611, and I had to promise on ths spot never to even imagine myself on a bike again, but I have. And now I don't have to even wear a helmet in PA if I don' wanna. You should know that the whole east-coast is one giant time-crunched network of suburban sprawl connected by identical 4-lane highways -- like the one right out front of the old Quaker farm house we rent -- lined with strip malls, real malls, and the intervening corridors of mini-marts and fast-food joints and big-box cheap marts. I know that petroleum will run out, and the whol d*** country runs on petroleum, and I know that it will be traumatic for this country, and that we will all suddenly see the wisdom in small towns with nearby farms, and in the mean time, I'll fix up the honda if it makes you happy, and push the van into the ocean to rebuild the reef, although then I don't see how I'm gonna get the bass to church on a motorcycle, but if it assuages your concience to put me in danger, I'll do it! Unless anyone wants to donate a Prius...?


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