Sunday, August 13, 2006

Areas of Shared Interest

Oh -- I should mention the website for the writers conference: Marlene Bagnull is a peach, and ran around the whole time setting things up, patching holes, arranging rides to the airport given increased security measures...
we'll talk about GarageBand a little. I met a fella there whose name escapes me, but from whom I hope to get a e-mail soon, or find his in my stuff. We had lunch together on Saturday, and I played him something I put together on the laptop. I took a song down off the Library of Congress -- for educational purposes, natch! from a gentleman called Henry Truvillion, done in 1939, called Steel Driving Man. I set it over a simple pretty hard beat, sliced it a bit only to get the tempo to match, and recorded some resonator chords and a bass line under it. I'll look for a way to put songs up, since I'm even less likely to make any money that way, but am perhaps a bit mroe prolific in that area of creativity.


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