Wednesday, August 30, 2006


For the record: I have a Dean Exotica, left handed. Blue stain on maple laminated all around, near as I can tell. Decent sound, decent pickup, fast neck. Replaces the Taylor, believe-it-or-not. Champaigne taste on a beer budget, right? I have an Ibanez necked Strat-type from parts, with two Fender coils and a Mighty-mite p-90 in the bridge. Nice mongrel. I have an Ibanez ATK bass, the one with a three-coil pickup in a Tele-inspired bridge; active, also nice. I got a Fender resonator, and switched the strings around on it, and put a Telecaster neck pickup in it, in the wood just below the end of the neck, naturally. I'm making a maple-on-mahogany and walnut PRS-ey sort of thing right now. All of these play through a Marshall 30-watt Korean-made amp, or a silverface Fender champ my librarian here just trash picked for me (!), or whichever of the little practice amps are nearby, or the old sleep research tube set. Please, somebody, ask me to elaborate about that last one. I'll take pictures of all of these just to add to the great info-glut that is the world wide web. Good night.


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