Monday, August 14, 2006

One Man's Trash

I'm an unrepentant curbside collector. I'm reformed, however, in that I don't grab anything and everything that might be useful, but I keep a mental list of items that I will grab. Any musical instrument will go in the back of the van (Oh yeah -- going from a Volvo 240 to a 15-passenger van with half the seats taken out results in lots of trunk space!!!). I've outfitted the kids with bikes, got my daughter's clarinet that way, and I've only purchased one boom box in my whole life. I got a Leslie speaker cabinet (the loudspeaker voice of the old Hammond electric organs) and sold it on E-bay for $500. You get those old console stereos, take a minute to go into the back, and grab a nice old tube amplifier for free. I got the one in the picture just the other day. The librarian at the school here where I work took me to the trunk of her car -- "I've got some items I thought you might like -- the boys upstairs had to move quickly, and they put out all their junk..." She gave me two small Fender amplifiers, one a "bullet" practice amp, a new-ish solid state thing I'll keep around for whatever -- and the other was a working silver-face Champ, a classic little 8-watt thing from the late seventies. Arguably not the best sounding version of a classic amp, but a classic amp for free, and my only real tube guitar amp at the moment. And oh yeah; free, from someone's curb.Now, people, we are GOING to have to learn to use less, recycle more, combine alternative energy sources, get solar panels on the roofs and windmills out there and bicycle more and produce less waste ----- but, thanks for the amp!


At 11:11 PM, Blogger J. Barber said...

An all the things he finds for our school! Very cost effective!

At 4:23 PM, Blogger jonathan said...

Thanks for that!


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