Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Staff Meeting and Nerd Blather

Here's a picture of the new building getting its roof trusses put up. I loaded so much video into iMovie over the weekend that it crashed and dragged the memory down to like, a gig-and-a-half. I threw out some old projects and songs to make space, and converted the huge file into a Quicktime file to continue editing it, and threw out the original -- it was some 18 gig of clips and audio.
I am paying attention; really, I am! If you were to look at me from across the room you might see me typing away on the laptop, glancing up now and then at the speaker. The subject is familiar, and I could jump in anywhere and comtinue the thread or constribute something insightful...I could be doodling on paper and the appearance of taking careful notes would be conveyed just as well. I am paying attention -- she's just moved on from stewardship to recycling, and now parking spaces. Now Quaker values, and the staff handbook. Is it SO wrong that I'm getting personal stuff done during a team-building conversation...?
BTW, I wish this thing had a counter so I can see if anyone isstumbling across it. I feel like I'm "tagging" the internet just in case anyone is looking.


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