Friday, September 22, 2006

Solar Robots

In science the students and Lisa and I are making little robots that run on solar power. Derived from circuits in Make magazine and related internet sites, I finished the first one a few days ago. I got the solar panel from a garden path light at Lowe's, the motor from a boom box or something, the cap.s from who knows where over the years, the wheels from my sons' Lego/Playmobile/K'nex bin, the cotter pins from the tool box, the springs from the hardware store, the transistors from stuff, blah blah, you don't care about this. Here's what it looks like, and it moves a tiny bit forward every 45 seconds in direct sunlight. Something about the capacitors -- four 1000 uf caps wired parallel. I'll try snipping a few out and see what it does. Here are a few images.


At 6:24 PM, Blogger jonathan said...

Cute little robot.
Why don't you make your wife a new dining room table


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