Monday, December 18, 2006

Left-Handed Schematics

Wiring diagrams for guitars are sometimes drawn in the arrangement one would see if looking into the control cavity of a standard (right-handed) guitar. I got a pretty useful arrangement for two humbuckers and a single five-way (modern Strat) blade switch to give me some of the sounds I was going to do with three or four little toggle switches. But I'm looking into the control cavity of a backwards guitar! Oh no! Simple: I just reversed the image, and now I have to read it in DaVinci Code reverse handwriting. BTW, I should credit some or another guitar schematic website for the original picture: I did NOT make this schematic up. It's NOT my work. SOMEONE ELSE thought it up. I COPIED it. Okay? His site, is full of useful schematics, discussions, and how to's. He seems like the sort of guy who would appreciate my slight modification to his artwork. Along those lines I had occasion lately to correspond with (Ha ha! I said, "correspond"! Of course, I meant "e-mail" as a verb. It bothers my friend Andrew when I iChat with him in complete sentences.) Anyway, I wrote to both B.K. Butler and Kenny Segall (associated with Snarling Dogs pedals) about some old stuff of theirs and both were approachable and as helpful as they could be. Although I wrote to Bill Lawrence and haven't heard back yet.

Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm too scattered at the moment to be really specific in this entry. Did I break a 3-bolt or 4-bolt spindle housing on TB's lawnmower? Sears won't even talk to me about it until I can produce a serial number. Does the wood-and-canvas kayak float, or should I trash it? Should I put any time into that Blogger thing? Edit video? Work on songs? Tweak the new guitar? Work on music for the students' play? Sound effects for same? Fix that leaky toilet in the Schoolhouse? Take out and toss the old AC there? It all has to get done, but it's none of it REALLY important. You get too fragmented trying to be "all things to all people"...or, "you do what you have to do to get by". Take your pick. We consider buying a house in upstate PA, around Kane or someplace like that...where houses are around $10,000...around here you can't get your family car for less than that.

Here are a few more pictures of the new school. The really tall structure seems to be empty space above one of the entrances: a luxury we're not used to. I could store everything from two sheds and under the tables in the shop up there! Here it is from several angles. I can seriously see a rock-climbing wall up there--!