Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dirty Snowball

Our new front-office gal Mia had one of those chunks of ice fall into her house recently, from a passing commercial plane, most likely. No injuries resulted, and she got her twenty-seconds of face time on Fox News. While she was off for a day or two helping Mom and Dad clean up and deal with the repairs THE VERY SAME THING HAPPENNED to her desk at work! Can you imagine!?

I think I was getting into the whole stage-crew set-designing thing that happens to me about this time of year. THe students are doing their play this coming week, and I've made three tree stumps, a dagger, a dress dummy, and will by Wednesday AM transform the Horsham Friends Meeting House into Sherwood Forest.

So here's the snowball on her desk. Can you tell what I used for the ice itself?

Catching Up...

What's new, Imaginary Audience? Can I call you Immy? Thank-you. If you were real, I imagine, you'd call once in a while...Lessee...had to gt a new computer, 'cause the Powerbook STARTED to go belly-up. Quick thinking and spending got me this one, which from your point of view, is identical, 'cause all I'm doing is telling some computer somewhere how to arange letters in this box whenever your computer calls it up. So.

I got some Motorola walkie-talkies to replace the walkie-talkies we've been using around the campus. See the new building below this box -- in the earlier post? That means We're not spread over ten acres and across 611 anymore: we're all under one roof like a regular school. So I'm donating away most of the FRS band radios we're not really supposed to use for business communications as we have been, and getting three or four of those serious-looking bigger black ones.

Finished and burned-off twenty-or-so copies of the video of the tudents at College Settlement Camp and doing the Friday morning ice-skating thing we do. This is my annual chance to stretch my cinematographic muscles and justify the above mentioned expenditure of a figure I'm almost afraid to look up on the new MacBook now warming my thighs.

I'm honored, really. That, and being installed/elected/ordained/designated/deputized as a Deacon at's pretty humbling. And makes me want to, you know, measure up. Like, fulfill expectations.

Colin (the brother-in-law in NY) appreciated the little catapaults I made for him. I also fixed up an old Stratotone for a friend of his, and made a little pin money. So I'm a professional luthier as well as the other stuff I do. Got a guitar you want made? I'll throw a shot up of the last electric I curently plan to ever make myself, a sweet Ash telecaster I cobbled together. Got the wood on eBay, and kept it around until the right sorts of parts came along: windfall from shopping for kids' projects over the year.

Well, Immy, I could go on. Gonna try to nap a bit now, it being Sunday and me trying not to do too much. One more glance at eBay, and I'll close up and recharge.