Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dirty Snowball

Our new front-office gal Mia had one of those chunks of ice fall into her house recently, from a passing commercial plane, most likely. No injuries resulted, and she got her twenty-seconds of face time on Fox News. While she was off for a day or two helping Mom and Dad clean up and deal with the repairs THE VERY SAME THING HAPPENNED to her desk at work! Can you imagine!?

I think I was getting into the whole stage-crew set-designing thing that happens to me about this time of year. THe students are doing their play this coming week, and I've made three tree stumps, a dagger, a dress dummy, and will by Wednesday AM transform the Horsham Friends Meeting House into Sherwood Forest.

So here's the snowball on her desk. Can you tell what I used for the ice itself?


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