Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This Internet thing...

Thought I'd check in...nothing much to report. E-mailed that lady who makes the Flash videos of the bunny parodies...bragging about the PowerPoint videos we used to do in the after-school program ... then I went and looked at them ... UGH! Clunky and slow...then I posted the Head Start on the Day video to Metacafe despite all the trash on that ... then I found a couple taking pictures of the new school siding ased on having seen the finished building on! This Internet thing is EVERYWHERE!

Andy, in shop, finished his little solar robot. SO glad it works ... he's such a great and trusting kid.

Went back to some software I bought for grad school: lo, and behold: I own flash already. Lookout, extremely short feature world!!! But it'll have to be as easy or easier than stop-motion or streaght video, which I can already do well enough.

Brought the yellow canoe home to repair: that makes four boats, one old motorcycle, a van, a minivan, umteen bicycles, seven guitars, and one shotgun, in the category of Daddy's Toys We Could Live Without.



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