Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Video

Just got back from Peaks Island, where it gets easier to relax each year the kids disappear for longer stretches during the day. There's enough town and enough sea front along as many different kinds of beach, rock, sand, gravel and pier, to keep them occupied. And we don't worry! In PA, they go down the street for gum or over to the library for a while, we KNOW there are a hundred creeps waiting to abduct and dismember them. On Peaks, you leave the keys in the car and the $800 kayak on the rocks for days at a time without thinking about it. Some day we're moving to Maine, just you wait.

But our moods were such by the middle of the second week that we came up with this slightly sarcastic little tribute to all those British and American children's programs with the hyper-enthusiastic kids and the costumed learning facilitators. I think if I hit apple-V right now it'll appear below.

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