Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Day Here

A few images to wrap things up. What do you do when Teddy's hair needs to be cleaned, and you say, "Hey, your hair really needs to be cleaned!", and he says, "Not really..." And Beatrice and MAggie met a nice doggie on the road, and he hung around while I tied the kayak up. (Maryanne in Portland might buy it.) And here's from near Sculpture Beach looking across at (I think) Cushing and that little spur off the gravel beach.

Does anybody know this island is nearly saturated with a substance called dihydrous monoxide? Really! It's all over the interior, it's even gotten into the water supply.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Second-to-last day here. Tonight we pack, load the kayak and bikes up, tomorrow we ferry off and visit a Coast Guard training ship before heading down the coast. Here's the conundrum: I went and listed the kayak for a low figure and got lots of responses. I must have thought I was on eBay, and the price would go up! I think I'll weasel out and yank the listing, then relist in PA for a little more...

Here are Tim and Peter enjoying the fantastic scenery, the friendly locals, and the quaint downeast charm of Casco Bay, especially since we're considering going west next year and they may never see Peaks again.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two More...

Good old Schwinn bikes...they just don't know when to fall apart. Not like Free Spirits. Now that's a bike that knows when to break! And Huffy! Boy, I'll tell ya! A huffy will let you down, no problem! But Giant is pretty good. my two oldest bikes right now are Giants. Fuji and Trek, too, now I think of it; they're tough...had a few of those...and I saw my old Raleigh Super Course that was swiped off my lawn when I was 16 back in Oreland; it was chained to a fence over on Portland yesterday, and they'd changed the seat and the shifter cables and the tires, of course, and sanded off the paint, but I recognized betcha.

Here's Colin making one working Schwinn out of two rusted wrecks under his dad's watchful tutelage, and Hilary waving from the Ferry over to Portland. See her? There on the deck? Waving?

By the way, all the pictures in the last post are in reverse order. So read the text backwards to get it right.

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One Tuesday in Maine

Yesterday I took the kayak over to Portland -- about an hour-and-a-half journey each way, keeping out of the way of ferries and lobster boats and groups of young students in tiny sailboats being shepherded by an older boy standing up in a Zodiak. I met Colin and Teddy over there and had a dumpling at the bubble-tea feels like a handful of hot Playdough but taste great once you hit the pork filling!

Here are some pictures...the boat...a dude on the boat...the narrow gauge tracks at Portland's north end, the main (Maine) drag along commerce street just above the water, and then back on Peaks, meeting Bea, Tim and Peter for ice cream at the Down Front.

I'll go around for some more scenery today. Hil's in Portland meeting a dear old friend Laurie, and I just have to sort of follow Tim around and keep him hydrated and out of trouble.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Back on Peaks. What has it been...a year? The island is very wet, the ramshackle shack we loved and rented got a bit too tall for it's walls and tried to assume the horizontal plane at its apex. I was imagining something more dramatic, but it's shuttered and under tarp, and that's sad enough.

Got here fine, got the van stuck in the mud, and just now got it out. I'll get a few images up here and try to keep this thing going daily, so my friends at TQS can keep track. Tomorrow I'm going to kayak over to Portland and (whisper) get my wife something for our anniversary, which is Thursday. There's Tim on his bike, Peter playing Monopoly, and the mess I made of the little yard out in front of the cabin. But GEE, it's nice to be in Maine.