Monday, July 27, 2009

Back on Peaks. What has it been...a year? The island is very wet, the ramshackle shack we loved and rented got a bit too tall for it's walls and tried to assume the horizontal plane at its apex. I was imagining something more dramatic, but it's shuttered and under tarp, and that's sad enough.

Got here fine, got the van stuck in the mud, and just now got it out. I'll get a few images up here and try to keep this thing going daily, so my friends at TQS can keep track. Tomorrow I'm going to kayak over to Portland and (whisper) get my wife something for our anniversary, which is Thursday. There's Tim on his bike, Peter playing Monopoly, and the mess I made of the little yard out in front of the cabin. But GEE, it's nice to be in Maine.


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