Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Tuesday in Maine

Yesterday I took the kayak over to Portland -- about an hour-and-a-half journey each way, keeping out of the way of ferries and lobster boats and groups of young students in tiny sailboats being shepherded by an older boy standing up in a Zodiak. I met Colin and Teddy over there and had a dumpling at the bubble-tea feels like a handful of hot Playdough but taste great once you hit the pork filling!

Here are some pictures...the boat...a dude on the boat...the narrow gauge tracks at Portland's north end, the main (Maine) drag along commerce street just above the water, and then back on Peaks, meeting Bea, Tim and Peter for ice cream at the Down Front.

I'll go around for some more scenery today. Hil's in Portland meeting a dear old friend Laurie, and I just have to sort of follow Tim around and keep him hydrated and out of trouble.

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