Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two More...

Good old Schwinn bikes...they just don't know when to fall apart. Not like Free Spirits. Now that's a bike that knows when to break! And Huffy! Boy, I'll tell ya! A huffy will let you down, no problem! But Giant is pretty good. my two oldest bikes right now are Giants. Fuji and Trek, too, now I think of it; they're tough...had a few of those...and I saw my old Raleigh Super Course that was swiped off my lawn when I was 16 back in Oreland; it was chained to a fence over on Portland yesterday, and they'd changed the seat and the shifter cables and the tires, of course, and sanded off the paint, but I recognized betcha.

Here's Colin making one working Schwinn out of two rusted wrecks under his dad's watchful tutelage, and Hilary waving from the Ferry over to Portland. See her? There on the deck? Waving?

By the way, all the pictures in the last post are in reverse order. So read the text backwards to get it right.

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