Friday, January 01, 2010

2010, a year in review

Went to bed. Slept. got up, and did some dishes and had some coffee. Then some cereal. Joined wife in living room who was watching a little of her "One Man's Cabin" video . Reflected on a morning's hunting with the firstborn (see pic, at Tobyhanna State Park 2 weeks ago) yesterday, from which we returned with all our ammo intact. Reflected that if we really wanted eat squirrel, we'd snare them in the back yard, where they're thick as thieves! There's deer right across the street, fer that matter! And Canada Geese everywhere! Perhaps I'll start a new blog: "One Man's Suburbanness"...on second thought, this would make a good YouTube parody video, which highlights the very point I'm making by this all.

I can't not be a product of the generation into which I was born. (Can I?) I can't go and carve out a secluded life in the wilderness with a box of hand tools and also have my free downloadable percussion loops for use in Garageband. (But if it came to that?) I can't be Joe Survivalist and still prefer those abrasive plastic scrubbies as against steel wool. Am I a only a collection of personal preferences within the predictable pattern of an American east coast white socially conservative blue-white collar consumer? Is that all there is? Is this just my expected mid-life crisis whimpering to express itself in a red convertible Miata?

No way.

I would never drive a Miata.

More to come.

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