Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Matsumin Valvecaster

Finally! after six tries, my second tube-based project! I made a Real McTube...(http://www.dogstar.dantimax.dk/tubestuf/mctube.htm)
that worked some years ago. I corresponded with Fred on that at the time. I tried to gang two of these together and nothing worked, so I got frustrated and did a few Bazz Fusses and May Queens and built most of a lefty Moderne, then came back to this and tried the point-to-point version and it worked. I used u-bolts and some sort of telephone company cable guide for guards over the tube. Eats batteries, so I didn't even bother with a housing: just hung it right off the back. No label or logo yet...Tube enthusiasts don't like "starved plate" 9v circuits. Solid state enthusiasts say, why even bother? Most people say, what are you even talking about...!?

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