Thursday, December 16, 2010


And here is a little bridge we made to span a bit of creek back along a bit of the nature trail in the bit of woods behind the school. The ropes are for show: it's not really a suspension bridge. The creek's only 6' wide, maybe. It's summer in the pic; during the wetter months it's very boggy, so I envision a longer section of the boardwalk off either end of the bridge going uphill to the drier ground. And when the oil economy collapses and we're all living off the land again this is where I'll hunt deer and squirrel: don't tell.

Fundraiser Stuff

They asked me to make another "iQuarium" for a fund raiser auction item, and since the original leaked due to unevenly glued seams I think, or just all the condensation and splashing around with the filter and all in there...I wanted to avoid that and try a few other ideas. Here is a guitar amp designed around the Noisy Cricket 9V amp (FET driving a 386). I had some cloth from an organ that dressed the speaker baffle nicely, and a speaker from a leslie unit, and it all fit nicely into a green iMac case. Here are some progress shots. Oops -- no pics of the front after it was done. Sounds decent; one of the students bought it, so I'm sure I'll see it again eventually for repairs.