Saturday, August 06, 2011

When you get there early...or late...

Everything that can happen along the way means the drive can be six or ten hours. New York City traffic, Boston traffic, Mass Pike roadwork...bladder capacities in children...

So you drive through the middle of or skirt the waterfront sdce of Portland and pull into the Casco Bay Lines ferry terminal. There's a schedule, and you get there when you get there. Here's my haunt for the next hour-and-a-half, while Hilary eats a Teriaki chicken dumpling in the car and the kids scatter.

There's a wedding over there today or tomorrow: that's why all the extra car and foot traffic and well-dressed (means uncomfortably warmly dressed) people around.

My goal this year is to start or write a song a day while here. Two weeks, approximately fourteen songs.

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