Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mic Mac Module

So, I signed up for a thing over at Apple's big knowledge base, and said I would try to make something out of a Mac mic module -- the circuit behind the mic in one of the old iMacs I stripped for school projects. The wiring is a follows: Yellow is audio negative, white is 1.5 volts negative, and the red wire is both positive voltage and the audio output. I didn't get farther than getting a piercing feedback a few feet from a small practice amp turned pretty far down. The reason I mention this since no one reads this is that over at Apple I posted my intention of trying this and got one sarcastic response, and nothing else. I'll try DIY Audio for a more supportive response. My intent is to make a large diaphragm low voltage 1/8" terminated field mic for the laptop.

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